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Student Recommendation Letter Sample

Hiring a writing support to finish your essay for you are going to let you retain both your absolutely free time in addition to your grades. This expert psychology article writing support is fabled for offering the top support to faculty, university and large school...

Common knee injuries from auto accidents

Knee injuries suffered due to car accidents might not be as common as back related injuries, but they are not uncommon and have the potential to be very serious and costly injuries. Knee injuries often occur as a result of head-on and side-impact collisions. The most...

Cell Phones and Car Accidents

As most Californians are aware, it is illegal in California to use handheld wireless phones and to text while driving. In regards to texting, this means you may not write, send, or read text messages, instant messages, or email. These laws apply to everyone driving in...

Common injuries suffered by children in auto accidents

According to studies done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), head injuries are the most common injuries sustained by children involved in auto accidents. Children under 1 experience a higher rate of head injuries than older children. The...

AB 139: Transfer on Death Deeds (TOD deed)

This bill, which was approved by the Governor on September 21, 2015, creates the revocable transfer on death deed. This deed transfers real property on the death of its owner without a probate proceeding under specified rules. The bill requires that an individual have...

Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act

The Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act (SCRA) further improved protections and benefits for service men and woman under the former Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act (SSCRA). The purpose behind the act is to enable servicemembers of the United States to devote their...

Options when you receive a traffic ticket

The most common types of traffic violations in California are classified as infractions and moving violations. In such cases, all that is needed to convict a person is proof that they committed the act, regardless of the driver’s intent. Some examples of these...

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Recent Settlements

1. Trip/fall local restaurant $112, 000

2. Trip/fall defective sidewalk residential area $37,000

3. Child on a bicycle hit by car $25,000

4. Bicyclist killed by two cars - Wrongful death claims by 3 children $200,000

5. Child injured her mouth when a drinking glass shattered in her mouth $30,000

6. Dog bite injury to arm $24,000

7. Slip/fall wet sidewalk injury to 72 year old woman $225,000

8. Pedestrian hit by a car in san francisco $92,500

9. Client injured when a chair at a local store broke $70,000

10. 92 year old pedestrian hit by a car $125,000

11. Restaurant water glass breaks and glass is swallowed by 9 year old child $35,000

12. Pedestrian run over by second car, $100,000

13. Adult bicyclist hit in intersection $100,000 from his parents uninsured motorist


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