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Sacramento Slip and Fall Attorney

Premises liability case, also known as Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall are very serious cases. Many attorneys do not want to take these cases, and they send them to me. If you have been injury, or you are an attorney looking for help, call me at 800-529-7866 to find out about your Premises Liability Case. You could fall because the floor is wet, too slippery, not up to code, wood is rotted, electrical cords are out of place in the walkway. Stores and public places have to be safe.

Be sure to photograph what made you fall and your injuries as soon as you can then call Peter Stone, Attorney and Counselor At law Licensed in Sacramento, California and Colorado as well as all the California Federal Courts and the US Supreme Court in Washington DC.

I have handled cases of burns, hot food, bad food, slippery floors, chemical burns, falls over stairs, falls over wires, injuries from sharp items at amusement parks, grocery stores. Injuries on public transportation or common carriers. Common hazards are whole in the floor, holes in the sidewalk, holes in the parking lot, irregular parking lots, including irregular pavement, cement bumpers, and irregular iron bars in the cement bumpers. Usual hazards are items falling of shelves and items falling off the ceiling, including lights and light fixtures.

Be sure to take pictures of the front doors, and of the signs in the store that might draw your attention away from the dangerous condition that caused you to be injured.

As Peter Stone Attorney and Counselor at Law we pride our selves on the training and experience to handle every kind of premises liability case, and we provide a free consultation. Then if we take the case its no win, no fee and no costs.

We can find you doctors if you don’t have them or don’t have insurance, and even companies that will help you with cash while you wait to settle. We have private investiators as well.

All meetings are initiall free, and fully confidential. 800-529-7866, peter@lawstone.com or fill in the questionnaire on this page.

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